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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

~Lazada Sales~

Product details of Midea MBL-15P Blender (350W) 1.5L Plastic Jar + Grinder

This multifunction blender can be use to grind or as a fruit juicer.  It also can be used to mince meat With this blender, will have more quality time with family.

Have fresh juice within hand's reach with this Countertop Blender 3000 Series. The stainless steel 4 point blade makes sure you can smoothly blend every fruit you like. Experience easy blending and start creating!

Perfect food preparation
• 350 W motor
• 1.5 L Plastic Jar
• 0.4 L Grinder Cup

Ease of use
• 2 speed control
• Pulse switch control
• 4 slices Removable blade

Safe usage
• Base security lock

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Blood Pressure Monitor

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Portable Mini Air Compressor
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Sandisk Ultra 32GB
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Monday, October 16, 2017

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

JBK~Impian remaja kembali

JBK-JaMu bIdAn KaMpUnG
Energy booster
Improve blood circulation
Promote regular menstruation cycle
Ease menstrual cramps and vaginal discharge
Strengthen uterus after childbirth
Suitable for married women only

Jamu Rahsia Bidan Kampung x 3 BOTOL (90 Capsules)



Monday, July 3, 2017

DD Moist Cake Nurraysa lagi ~

Hai assalam uols !

Best glowing dd moist cake Nurraysa ni, saya memang da guna dan ok sgt. Bole cuba tengok promosi kat gambar di bawah. Click aje :)

NURRAYSA ~ Glowing DD Moist Cake (Color Option: Medium)  

Gabungan Foundation + Concealer + Powder (3 dalam 1)
Menutup semua cela dan merawat wajah
Mesra solat
Tanpa silicon
SPF 50++
Free span 

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Cerita beg lagi~

Hai assalam uols !
Sekarang ni akak nak cerita pasal beg 3 in 1 ni pulak. Punya lama telek beg ni.. takut tak ada kualiti sebab rm30 utk 3 beg - backpack crossbody dengan clucth. Tapi sebab rm30 akak nak mempertaruhkan nasib tengok ok ke tak. Kalau tak ok, akak nak return la.. beg-beg ni.




Menarik tertarik dengan warna winered ni. comel aje. 

3 pcs set: Backpack, Crossbody Bag and Clutch
Material: Waterproof Nylon
Perfect For Eyeryday Use
Worth Every Penny
RM 30.00
Before RM 99.00,
You save 70%

My Umbrella

Arini akak nk cerita pasal payung inverted ni, senang cite payung ni menyenangkan hidup. Bila masuk kete dah lah hujan terkial-kial nak tutup payung tutup pintu pastu puas la berair-air kena dari payung. Dengan payung ni senang hidup akak. 

C-Hook Handle
2Piece layer fibre

Fancy Unique Innovative Design C Handle Umbrella is an umbrella with a unique design that is very interesting and a C-shaped handles that make it easy to grasp tightly during heavy rains. 

With Umbrella upside down, you got a lot of convenience than a regular umbrella. You will no longer exposed to rain when going out of the car and would not get soaked when the umbrella is closed. 


Reverse Open Umbrella 
This inverted umbrella design has a special use, you will no longer exposed to rain at the time out of the car due to the way open umbrella with directions reversed. 

UV Protection 
C handled umbrella made of special materials that can protect you from UV rays. Protect your skin from sun burn and stay cool. 

C Hook 
The handle of the umbrella-shaped C allows you to hook into your wrist when your hands need to hold an object, but the umbrella remains stable and safe from the rain. 

Fiber Protection Protect Wind 
Umbrella framework made of Fiber is strong against the wind, you do not have to worry about broken frame when rainstorms come. 

Attention: Due to the construction of this unique umbrella inverse order, when opening tends to lead to the top, so it should be assisted manual / or snapped in order to form a bowl.